I have been doing patterns in the back yard while I mow. I did straight back, then diagonal. This time I tried waves. K did not like it, but it was fun to mow.

Next time I am going to try circles I think.

Man, I am a picture hound today! I may have to get back into 100pics (grin)

Lawn Lawn
Lawn Pattern



I pulled a bunch of pictures off the camera today and realized we have some really pretty flowers in our yard. So wanted to share them.

On a side note I really need to practice taking pictures, as I think some of these are not bad pictures, but could be actually pretty fantastic if I did not just run around and point/click (grin).

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I am getting tired of working all the time. If it is not one thing, it's the other. Nice thing is that the classes are getting easier for me, and on the other front we should have our 2nd product, main product prototype and web site done by the end of March. That will take a load off.

Looking forward to getting out to GDC next week...will be a good time. It's been a while for me. Going in the capacity that I am will be different, but it is out there.

K got's me a year of LJ...just to make my hundredpics easier (well, for other reasons as well)...isn't she lovely (grin).

That's about it...have to get a V day gift for K tomorrow, class all day (it's my long day), take care of business stuff. You know what they say: busy hands are the, wait, that is not right...something like that.

Laugh out loud funny show

So when I get home on Monday nights, one of the extra cool things I have waiting for me is the show 'Top Gear' recorded and waiting.

Last night I was laughing out loud because of the show. Has not happened in a long time. I have chuckled, and what not, but actual tear creating laughter was fantastic.

Guys used to driving really fast cool cars finding tractors...and doing things with them...and planting crops. Just a riot.

One thing that does bother me about that show is there is an announcement at the start stating that closed captioning is They are speaking English last time I checked, yea, a little accent, but needing subtittles? hmm.


Guitar Hero III for the Nintendo Wii is going to be out next Wed. I believe...need to save the pennies!

UK has the best shows

So I have recorded Top Gear on the BBC America channel. Only have 2 episodes...but I am sure more will be on soon. Man is this show fantastic. I need to figure out how to get on television so that I can start a show like that here in the states. Have Shrique be the gear head, me driving cars I really should not be...that sort of thing.

Bunch O stuff

Today was a pretty big day;

Mom and Dad came over to deliver a few things:

1) Bowl Chair. We actually just purchased one about 3 months ago...but having an extra frame around is alwyas a good thing. My sister was getting rid of it, so hay, why not (and K loves them).

2) Bikes. My dad gussied up both K's and my bikes. They are looking sharp and I can not wait to get back onto it. Need to pick up a helmet at some time here to protect the ole noggin.

3) Burley. Dad delivered the Burley so we can pull C around as well...this thing is AWSOME! rolles realy smooth, almost like it is not there at all. And they also threw in a helmet for C...seeing that K already had hers, it is just me.

4) New Grill. A while ago a friend game me his old grill...well, it went the way of the dinosaurs (costing more than a new one to get things fixed on it...all because the propane valve was the old style). Brother got a new grill because his old one was too small for him...but perfect for me! Dad put new wood on it, painted the exterior, new tank, and away we go!

Made Chicken on the grill to test it out...and it turned out pretty well. Did not have anythign planned, so I just made a sauce to rub onto it while cooking. This is what I ended up with:

Ketchup, Mollases, Besalmic Vinegar, Apple Juice, Paprika, Cumin.

Could have used a little Honey instead of mollases, but did not remember where it was (found it later).

Acually a really good little sauce...spicy enough, kicky enough, but not too much.

X Box Live

So last year I get a bill for my X-Box live...which I had not used in over 2 years. Fine...called, took care of it, whatever.

Today I get my CC bill.

X-Box live...again...crap. I call to cancel it again. Should not be that bad right? Should just give them the info..except...I don't know the info. I do not know where the actual card is (and they do not put my official account number on my statements). I don't remember the address, Phone, or E-Mail that the X-Box account was set up with...I don't even remember the gamer tag.

Well, after a couple hours on the phone, 3 people, and one manager later, we get all the info they need to cancle my account.

Weird thing is after they mentioned something, I kinda did not want to.

See, my gamer tag is 3 characters long...they don't allow that anymore. I was one of the first to do the whole 'x-box live' thing as I was working on a game for it, and it was new while I was doing that. So really, the 3 character long gamer tag makes me a bit 'special'...and I like feeling special.

But alas, I decided that 50 bucks a year was not worth the unique gamer tag.

Pledge Drive

So it is that time of year again...time for NPR to ask for our money and pledge. This year the drive seemed just a bit 'different' than others...then I realized, that the last few I have listend to were out east!

Really interesting to hear the differences. While in Boston the pledge drives were more of an appeal to the intelectual reasons for listening. The 'base' ammount to give before you get a gift was higher, and the whole 'gift for giving' thing was not really pushed as much. More mentions of the 100$/month size pledge. Out here it is more of a plea than appeal, and more to the 'get free stuff when you give' type thing. They mention the 10$/month much more.

I can see why they have the difference, as the people are different. I just don't like it as much here.